Medicare Specialist

I specialize in helping people understand the rights and options they have with Medicare.

Medicare Specialist

Meet Gina Savage Malvezzi aka “the Queen of Medicare”

I specialize in helping people understand the rights and options they have with Medicare.

Meet Mrs. Gina Savage Malvezzi

Medicare is my passion. I have worked with over 1,000 Medicare beneficiaries during my career. I have parents and grandparents that had to navigate the Medicare maze. Unfortunately, I could not help my grandparents because I was not involved in the insurance business at that time. I have, however, been front and center with my mother, after my father passed away because of the sub-par care he received with the plan he chose. Waiting for a referral can be life altering. Supplemental insurance along with original Medicare gives you the flexibility to see what doctor YOU choose, with no referrals and no network. For some clients Medicare Advantage is the best solution and we can help you navigate the networks.

What you choose to supplement Medicare Part A and B is a personal choice. A very personal choice.

If you don't understand fully how Medicare works, it is impossible to make an educated decision. My role is to help you understand your choices so you can choose what is best for you.

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  • Great Service! I was very happy with the whole experience and I will recommend you to my friends with confidence!
    Dave Philpott
  • Thank you for making things easy. We were not sure where to start but you have given us peace of mind and were so patient and helpful. We greatly appreciate your time and guidance.
    Roger Wilcox
  • I really appreciate your attention to detail Gina. You have been very patient with us and we appreciate that, thank you.
    Sylvia Gordon
  • Gina is the most amazing insurance Agent I have ever had the pleasure of working with over many decades. She is a true professional and always makes herself available almost 24/7. Thank you Gina for all you do and for making your clients feel special.
    Lee Epstein
  • I would like to recognize an outstanding individual that guided me thru a very trying and difficult situation. Gina was outstanding, remarkable, compassionate in very difficult times. It is refreshing to find an individual like Gina that is very caring and understanding. She guided me thru a process that I was very unfamiliar with and did it with patience, care and compassion. I will HIGHLY recommend her.
    Adriana Carelli